Thursday, 25 April 2013

The most awaited Karnataka election is on may 5th. Lets analysis some facts.
Former Karnataka chief minister Yeddyurappa is now aganist BJP. He is comming with his party.
Many BJP MLAs and party members are with Yeddyurappa. So this election may affect BJP. Congress is approaching this election confidently. The problems with in BJP gives immense belief in congress. Sonia Gandi, Rahul Gandi and many senior congress members are visiting Karnataka for congress. Does this effect election? wait and see.

But new news from Karnataka says equal chance for BJP & Congress.  Congress is also facing many problems. Many corruption reports affect their results badly mainly in Bangalore region. BJP votes gets separated due to Yeddyurappa's new party.  But BJP have strong base in Karnataka now. 

Rahul Gandi says "BJP destroyed Karnataka's properties..."  But people reject Amul babies words. They can find many developments done by BJP government. They can compare BJP's development with other governments. But the inner party problems will be real head ache for BJP. This government faces the same issue. They could not focus on exposing their advantages and development due to inner party problems.

Modi effect may also reflect in results.


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